IndyFringe opening night preview


Fringers! Rev up your stamina for 11 days, 108 companies and 8 theatres all pouring out shows. 

Stake out one place to get a range — comedy, dramedy, drama; music, magic, dance; storytelling, improve.

Or follow your genre bliss up and down 300-700 Mass Ave.

Based on last eve's [Wednesday, Aug. 12] speed-through preview at The Athenaeum you've got the pick of the strongest line-up since IndyFringe burst forth 11 years ago.

That includes the Indy Eleven Team Busking with eye-popping soccer ball tricks. They warmed up the audience. And then the 3-minute on and off marathon took over. All around me, veterans and newbies were shuffling through the printed program, helping each other ocate the descriptor page, tallying how many 5-packs it'll take to cover the favorites.

It was democracy in action as groups mitigated their must-sees rather than split up. But there's a time when breaking away and going solo just has to happen.

Fringerships are strong. Returning acts bond with host families. Loyal fans have 10-year favorites. Yes indeed, endurance is rampant.

It's extended family re-uniting and catching up—

"Where have you been?"

"Just about everywhere, but here is the nicest."

Pauline Moffatt beams. 


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