Review: 'Animals out of Paper'


International Theatre Laboratorium, New Orleans, LA

5 stars

Theatre on the Square: Main Stage. In this ingeniously

conceived performance art piece, the devil is found in the details of every

person's existence – in fog, lobster dinners and utility bills. His

voice, rueful and mocking, speaks from the basement of our souls. It's up to

dancer/actress Natsumi Sugiyama to embody the Mephisto in all of us. Her

performance is a towering tour de force of excruciating control and grace. As

an audience member, you get the feeling – alternately liberating and

scary – that she's capable of anything. This is the sort of experience

that makes the Fringe truly memorable.

Friday, Aug. 27, 6 p.m.; Saturday, Aug.

28, 9 p.m.; Sunday, Aug. 29, 1:30 p.m.

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