Brahms Requiem

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir performed Brahms Requiem.

5 stars

Indianapolis Symphonic Choir

St. Luke's United Methodist Church, April


Brahms Requiem is the most hopeful,

uplifting piece in the requiem canon, speaking to us about the ability to mourn

and rise up with renewed spirit to honor the life of the deceased. The

Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, Butler University Chorale and Choir, Indianapolis

Symphonic Choir Festival Orchestra with soloists Angelique Zuluaga and

Christopher Bolduc delivered the heart of Brahms in this masterful performance.

At a time in our collective national mourning for the seeming loss of "the

American Dream," we are jolted into action by Brahms' embrace of "humanity" and

his emboldening call to get up and get on with the good, the ennobling work to

connect ourselves with caring deeds. Based on Martin Luther's translation of

the Bible, the text is embedded in a seven-movement musical arc that appeals

intellectually and emotionally. Blessings, conveyed as in winds on wing anchor

the first and seventh movements, stormy darkness pushes the second and sixth.

Soloists in meditation first seek hope in the third and then receive it in the

sixth. But it is the gorgeous fifth movement, offering tranquility, that is the

whack on the side of the head, the way out of "the sky is falling" mentality.

"How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place" –is this rhetorical for us at this

time and place? The genius of the work was met by the meticulously unified

convergence of the choral and instrumental. The message in the medium is ours

to perform.


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