Always...Patsy Cline

Christine Mild as Patsy Cline.

5 stars

Directed by Christine


Beef & Boards

Dinner Theatre

A sterling production

of this always beguiling musical based on the true story of the friendship

between Cline and her exuberant Houston-based "fan," Louise Seger. Cline was a

leading star of the Nashville sound during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Her

death, at age 30 in a private plane crash in 1963, at the height of her career,

stunned the music industry, which continues to cite her as one of the most

influential stylists of the 20th century. Christine Mild matches the

amazing qualities of Cline's vocal range and depth, musicality and personality.

Mild nails the sudden key changes and captures Cline's distinctive

full-throated, sophisticated interpretations of the standards. Erin Parker is

totally believable as the fan. Parker and Mild immediately connect with the

audience, as does the band, working in tandem as "storytellers" of a weekend in

Houston during a Cline appearance. The B&B production leaves you feeling

you've made a lasting friend who lives her motto, "I don't want to get

rich—just live good." or call 317-872-9664


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