A Flea in Her Ear


3 stars

Directed by Robert J.


Indianapolis Civic

Theatre, through May 23

Fast-paced, with

foible-filled characters, mistaken identities and frenzied events, this is a

forget-your-troubles-and-laugh-yourself-silly production, replete with a

change-up setting you don't want to miss. It starts with a wife's suspicions

and escalates into a series of situations you need a scorecard to keep track

of, but who cares when the banter is sharp—at times risqué—and the

exits and entrances so swift you feel exercised sitting in your seat. The cast

of 18 is superb, with standout performances by Paul Hansen in dual roles,

Zachary Joyce in letter-perfect speech-imperfection, and Ian Cruz as the

jealous husband. Robert Koharchik's brilliant set design is abetted by Ryan

Koharchik's lighting. Costumes and make-up evoke 19th century Paris.

Bravo to stage manager Jason N. Adams for making it seem so easy. www.civictheate.org or call 317-923-4597


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