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Rita’s Uplift with arts & humanities #3

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Rita’s Uplift with arts & humanities #3

“Play it again, Sam” is right up there with classic one-liners, in league with “My name is Ishmael,” and “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” Organizations now are sharing their best of times with replays.

You can relive the Boys in Blue finest moments through Indy Eleven’s 40+ game series of Eleven Classics interactive game rebroadcasts “that will originate from  the club's YouTube channel and on-air on MyINDY-TV 23.” According to the notice, click here to visit Indy Eleven’s YouTube home “and subscribe to the channel, which will send notifications for the 7:00 p.m. live streams occurring on upcoming Wednesday and Saturday evenings.”


The American Pianists Association [APA] is uploading performances from their 2013 and 2017 Awards competitions and posting new videos daily until late May, to their YouTube Channel . We get to revisit the winner from the APA’s prestigious 28-year history.

And, undaunted, the 2021 finalists are doing what all winners do—stay focused on what’s ahead. This link has all the data about the finalists: Kenny Broberg, Dominic Cheli, Michael Davidian, Sahum Sam Hong, and Mackenzie Melemed; along with the upcoming Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 concert dates


Catch International Violin Competition of Indianapolis Laureates sharing their recent programs, with special greetings to us, here


If your family is missing  the ISO live Teddy Bear Series, don’t despair. Two of the adventuring with music programs are now illustrated picture books with a link to the music played by ISO musicians.


Throughout “The Garden Symphony” a Ladybug awakens in the Spring to the sounds of musical instruments, each playing an inviting tune. She’s enthralled until she realizes, ‘Uh-oh, where’s my instrument, what’s my song?” And so a delightful adventure unfolds, toward a celestial conclusion, and an understated message that sometimes we have to go on a quest to find what’s right where we started.

Learn about the five  ISO musicians who play “The Garden Symphony” music, and purchase the book  here:


“Monkey’s Jungle Jam” takes us into a place of musical animals, each happily playing solo, for a pleasing cacophony of sounds until Spider Monkey hatches a plan for them to play together, and you can guess the challenge.  How they get to play in unison provides a delightful surprise. 

Go to this link to learn about the ISO players and to purchase Monkey’s Jungle Jam:


ISO violinist, Victoria Kintner Griswold is the author,  Sharon Vargo is the illustrator. Each book takes you to an ISO link to access the music. That frees you to listen anywhere, as long as  you have your mobile phone or your computer!


Classical Music Indy’s  #VirtualRandomActsofMusic, with live, local artists’ performances via Facebook Live here:  Classical Music Indy Facebook #IndyKeepsCreating  Cellist Leilah Smith is featured April 20 at 12:30 p.m.; Flutist Katie McDermott is on April 22 at 12:30 p.m.


The Eiteljorg invites us to learn how to make paper flowers while we’re at home. Click here to download directions. 


The Indiana Historical Society is fully ‘virtual’ with access to weekly “High Five” to adventures “for fun, educational and historical online experiences.”  Their extensive list of resources is available here.


Newfields staff is producing new videos, photos and  live events on their social media channels and website. For “Newfields at home” click  here   Go here for an exclusive look at the installation of Fletcher Benton's  Folded Circle Dynamic Red Phase III


Join the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Horticulture Manager to learn more about Life on the Indy Cultural Trail at 12:00 p.m., Live on Instagram April 23: The wonderful world of street trees; April 30Stormwater Planters: what are they good for?

The release invites us ask anything we want to know,  including questions about our gardens, plants, or landscaping at home.   Submit questions  here, send a DM to @IndyCulturalTrail on Instagram before they go live; or send them through the Instagram chatbox while they live.  


Upland Brewing Co’s  one-of-a-kind beer sale  through Tuesday, April 21, is  donating a lunch to an Indiana Healthcare worker for every full case (24 beers) purchase of Champagne Velvet.  You can pre-order a case online at their reservation site, carry-out or call ahead to request a case at your convenience. Upland’s restaurant locations are open daily 11:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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