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Review: Bottoms Up Burlesque at Punk Rock Night

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October 22, Melody Inn

The autumn Bottoms Up Burlesque charity show at the Melody Inn’s Punk Rock Night holds the distinction of being the longest-running burlesque event in the city. Appropriately enough for so venerable an institution, the performers worked with an easy confidence and seemingly endless creativity. After all these years of burlesque you might think the form had been exhausted, but you’d be wrong. Even sticking with the always-effective formula of “tease + vaudeville humor = PROFIT,” the Bottoms Up Crew had something new at every turn.

Some highlights included a bit where Souxie Snapdragon played Calypso like a voodoo doll, Calypso's space-inspired bit scored to Rob Zombie’s “Mars Needs Women,” and whatever it was that inspired them to stage a routine based on THAT scene from Reservoir Dogs.

Bottoms Up Burlesque doesn’t take itself terribly seriously, which only adds to the fun. And since this is Punk Rock Night we’re talking about, the troupe was just a little bit naughtier than usual. Case in point, host Kristen’s love for “box” jokes — and the Spanking For Dollars fundraiser, which saw everyone from random volunteers to PRN mainstay Greg Brenner getting some heavy-duty paddlings, all for a good cause.

The troupe solved the longstanding problem of working with the Melody Inn’s cramped stage by simply turning the entire Mel into their playground. The tables, the bar, the pool table — all acted as makeshift stages for a show that bounced around the room. Proceedings concluded with a delightfully staged finale that saw every corner of the bar filled with ladies performing a jazzy cabaret routine to Van Morrison’s “Moondance.”

Bottoms Up at PRN — eight years in, they still find ways to outdo themselves. Here’s to eighty more.