On a dark and stormy night, Beef&Boards opened its 50th anniversary season with high energy and manic humor. Clue, the stage play invites us into a deserted New England mansion. It’s 1954 when the world and US politics are at a tipping point. The Butler, The Maid, and The Cook await the arrival of six guests who have received letters of invitation from an anonymous host. Within the confines of The Hallway, we are introduced to the three men and three women by assigned aliases. Each, in succession, is sent to adjoining rooms through a series of interlacing doors, and when all have arrived, they [and we] are quickly ushered into The Dining Room. Mystery magnifies, unease sucks in the air, and small talk turns sinister.

Writer Beer & Society

There is nothing that cannot be discussed and worked out over a beer. Join me as I explore local beer, breweries and how they can civilize us.

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