Erin and Marcus Davis

Erin and Marcus Davis 

Chances are, if you’re driving around Whiteland, Ind,, you’ll see here and there yard signs reading “LOVE MORE” against a bright rainbow-colored backdrop and the shape of a heart. You might also see people walking around with that logo printed on T-shirts.

It all started one day as Franklin resident Erin Davis was driving home.

“On my way home there’s this Confederate flag,” says Davis.  “This creepy old man who has all these signs and one of them says, “Hillary, the Bitch”  so I was sick of it.

Davis and husband Marcus, who share two daughters, recounted her experience on Facebook.

A friend of hers, Kirsten Lewis, who lives in Boggstown, posted this reply: “Not everyone has hate in their hearts, they’re just not making signs about it. They’re just not putting shit all over about it.”

And then the thought occurred to Davis, “Well, maybe we should.”   

And so the Love More campaign was born.

“We started out with just signs and we sold them at cost to spread our message.  And then people wanted shirts because that’s what I do in my real job, I make T-shirts for a living [at the business she owns, Crystal Graphics, in Downtown Whiteland.]  So we finally made some shirts we figured out how to executive it, It’s a crazy design, it has lots of colors.  And we sold 200 shirts the very first time and we made a ton of money and we gave it all back on Valentine’s Day.”  

That is, they gave all proceeds to the following organizations:

KIC-IT (Johnson Country,IN), Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County, Immigrant Welcome Center of Indianapolis, St. Thomas Clinic (Indianapolis), Indiana Youth Group (Indy), Gleaners Food Bank of Indianapolis, Indiana Public Media (NPR, WFYI), Doctors without Borders.

And what is the message of Davis’s campaign: “You can create your own art and create love with the choices that you make,” she says. (You can find out more on the website.)

The mural  on the Crystal Graphics  building is inspired by Davis’s campaign.  It was painted on June 24, under the auspices of the Johnson County Community Foundation “Color the County” mural program, with the help of dozens of volunteers.

Artist Dave Windisch, former NUVO art director and current marketing director of Franklin Heritage, Inc was inspired by the “Love More” campaign to make a simple design for the mural.  You can find out more on the website.

“It’s better to just be kind,” he says.  It’s a simple thing to do.  It doesn’t have to be complex to be bold. Hence the simplicity in the design and strength of its colors.”


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.