Let’s start this week’s Go&Do weekend plan with the phrase “pick your brain.” Don’t you hate that phrase? Don’t you hate it when someone wants to “pick your brain” about something? I want to say “get your grubby tweezers off my meninges, pal!” But that’s in fact what the city wants to do with you, as per the Monument Circle Idea Competition. Dudes and dudettes, it’s YOUR Monument Circle, so get to thinking about its design, programming, land use and activities — and how we can maximize Monument Circle's potential and envision its future. Ideas will be considered for the future planning and use of the city landmark. Submissions are due by April 15.

Had enough St. Patty’s Day fun? If not, you’re in luck because a local burlesque troupe, Angel Burlesque, is presenting Angel Burlesque: Erin Go Bragh...less. The ladies — and at least one man — of Angel Burlesque will be shaking their shamrocks just for you, bringing the classic art of striptease, music, dance and comedy to Crackers Comedy Club, on Friday and Saturday night.

I’m excited about the environmental concert at the IMA, running Friday-Sunday. Craig Colorusso, sound artist extraordinaire, is presenting Spring Equinox: Sun Boxes at the IMA this weekend at 100 Acres. Twenty solar powered speakers, each with a different guitar note, will play as they react to the natural changes of the sun and clouds. Described as both "soothing and energizing," it's a perfect way to greet the spring, March 18, 19 and 20 from 12 p.m. to sunset at the IMA.

One of our favorite dance companies in town, Motus, is presenting Paired Down, Friday and Saturday. Motus is in the process of layering in new core artists to their group, so it’s a great opportunity to catch up on one of our most adventurous movement-oriented companies. Local band ESQ will be featured, and if that ain’t enough, it’s at the White Rabbit Cabaret, a club that opened in 2010 and was instantly a hotspot. To make this event a juggernaut of a choice, it features the music of Kate Lamont.

Speaking of hotspots, Club Hyde is a great destination, especially when the Cultural Cannibals, DJ Kyle Long and Artur Silva, are hosting a party. This time, it’s Bollywood Bhangra, and it’s a celebration of the Indian holiday Holi. We may not be participating in the ritual with the traditional throwing of colored powders and liquids at each other, but we’ll be dancing until 3 a.m. Folks, there is nothing finer than a Bollywood Bhangra dance party. Go and tell me if I’m wrong about that.

The entire Red/Black exhibit at the Eiteljorg is world class — our own David Hoppe gave it an outstanding five-star review — but we're particularly excited about Radmilla Cody and her story. The first part of the day will show the documentary Hearing Radmilla, which examines Cody's identity debate that was ignited by her reign as the first biracial Miss Navajo. Cody will speak after. To finish the day right, Cody will be performing traditional Navajo songs that night.

In fact if you play your cards right, you can have a multi-cultural day by doing the Eiteljorg, then White Rabbit, and finishing off your beatific day with a dance party at Club Hyde. Why not? Life is short.

As for Sunday, you’ve got Steven Stolen performing Americana tunes in a free concert, A Travlin Thru. His previous Meridian Song Project performance of the Juliet Letters by Elvis Costello was sublime, and we’re betting this one will be too: good ol' American folk music that will remind you that you do indeed love your country just a little bit. Expect some Aaron Copland classics and other treats.

And opening this weekend, The Exonerated, from Spotlight Players. Looks like a good one!

Want to catch up before the A&E season really kicks in? As mentioned, the Red/Black exhibit received five stars from Hoppe, but Hoppe, ever frugal with his stars, gave five also to the Thornton Dial exhibit at the IMA. Catch that while you can, too. Our visual art reviewers gave high praise to this month’s gallery exhibits, including Fam Farm at Wug’s, Minda Douglas at Gallery 924, Nature Transformed at Garvey|Simon, Social Currency at the Stutz, Art for Beds at Editions, 3X3 at Herron and Emma Overman’s show at the Harrison. You’ve got another weekend of the Indianapolis Opera’s production of La Tragédie de Carmen as well as Theatre Within’s Buried Child. And two weekends of the Phoenix’s The Storytelling Ability of a Boy.

If you’re looking for more options, just go to our web site — see you out there!


Kyle Long pens A Cultural Manifesto for NUVO Newsweekly and in 2014 began broadcasting a version of his column on WFYI.