Vonnegut Library receives $75,000 in grants


The Kurt

Vonnegut Memorial Library

is capping off its debut year with the announcement that it has received more than $75,000 in grants from community partners,

including a $33,404 contribution from Ball State University. The grant money will support new projects intended to meet the library's core mission of championing Vonnegut's work and fostering an arts network on a local and national level.

As part of

the Ball State Provost Initiative Immersive Learning Grant, the university will

donate to support the library's mission of "championing the literary, artistic

and cultural contribution of the late writer, artist and Indianapolis native

Kurt Vonnegut."

Twelve students

interning from the university and community partners will work in conjunction with

the library in five projects to maintain the library's mission.

A donation

of $43,306 was contributed by community partners, including WFYI, The Indianapolis

Museum of Art

, Floyd and Stanich, Creative Street,

Hamilton Exhibits, Eye on Art-Jerry Points, Seven Stories Press, Indiana


and the Indianapolis Historical Society.

The library

offers programs and outreach activities with local arts organizations to

support a strong arts network for the community. The library holds poetry

readings, film viewings and benefit events year-round.


is the most comprehensive community project the Vonnegut Library has undertaken

to date," said Julia Whitehead, executive director of the Vonnegut Library.

"Ball State and our other community partners are giving us many important gifts

that will make our presence known throughout the state and the world."


State associate professor of English Rai Peterson, who has shepherded the project, anticipates that money will be used to fund research, interviews, a marketing plan

and the design of gift shop products and a traveling museum.


students and I are looking forward to this project as a great learning

experience and a chance to make a difference in our larger community," Peterson

said in a press release. "I think what really excites me about our work with [the

library] is the opportunity to engage in so many different projects."


November, the library received a $100,000 grant from the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable

Foundation to develop a museum, art gallery and reading room devoted to the




serves not only as a library featuring the author's works, but also as

a cultural and educational resource facility, museum, art gallery and reading



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