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Mario Venzago, Music Director,

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, 2002-2009:

Since the ISO announced the non-renewal of my Conductor and Music Director Agreements on July 30th of this year, I have, on the wise counsel of my advisors, refrained from making any formal statement and have not commented on the many things written in the newspapers — true or untrue regarding my departure as Conductor and Music Director of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra last July.

After so many weeks, however, further silence on my part would be unfair to my many friends in Indianapolis who have expressed in very touching words their concern and provided me their overwhelming support during these difficult weeks. For the moment, I wish to touch only on the main events surrounding my departure and will reserve any additional comment for those who request it.

On July 30th, I received without any warning or expectation a short e-mail from Simon Crookall, President and CEO of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, informing me that my Conductor and Music Director Agreements would not be renewed for the 2009/10 season. These agreements were set to expire just 31 days later on August 31st and have indeed now since expired. Mr. Crookall and my agent had been negotiating the renewal of these Agreements since the Fall of 2008.

Termination on such short notice is unprecedented in the world of classical music. Just six weeks prior to the start of the season and with contract negotiations still in progress, I was abruptly told that my Agreements would not be renewed, but that I would be offered the opportunity to conduct a "farewell week". In the view of Mr. Crookall, this would be a fitting celebration of my seven years of artistic success as conductor and music director of the ISO.

For me, as you can well imagine, this news was emotionally devastating. Only one week before, Mr. Crookall embraced me at the Musical Arts Center at Indiana University in recognition of my artistic achievement. The ISO administration and I had been planning the 2009/10 season for more than two years. I had blocked the dates and turned down numerous conducting offers from other orchestras. The dates of the concerts were set and the programs planned. We contracted soloists, calculated costs, prepared PR materials, printed a brochure and started to sell tickets. No reputable orchestra mindful of the costs would make changes at this critical point, unless money was of no concern. I relied during these negotiations on the good faith of Mr. Crookall and the Board and expected to be treated fairly.

After the announcement of the non-renewal, I have received hundreds of letters from ISO musicians, members of other orchestras, concert-goers, composers, people from Indianapolis and other places. They have confided in me how shocked they were upon learning of my departure and how much they loved and respected my work. In particular, the musicians described in touching, heart-felt words how much they loved performing with me. I have not been able to answer all of their wonderful expressions of concern and appreciation and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written and spoken with me.

In conclusion, let me express the hope that the donors, sponsors and subscribers will continue to support the ISO despite this unfortunate event. Even if I am hurt and disappointed, my soul is not broken. I will never stop loving this great orchestra in Indianapolis with its sensitive, enthusiastic musicians who gave of themselves so freely, and I will always be deeply moved remembering my Indianapolis friends in this warm-hearted and peaceful community. Here and there, if only for a fleeting moment, we were privileged to have touched the stars. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and wish the ISO all the best in the future.

Mario Venzago

October 2009


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