I had no emotional attachment to this year's Super Bowl (I'm a Lions fan, so shut up). It's a big game and lots of people will be watching it for the game or the commercials or the halftime show. Here are the some of film trailers shown during this year's Super Bowl.

Duplicity — Julia Roberts and Clive Owens (fresh from their Closer cinema heat) are rival spies who team up to con two rival CEOs (Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson). The film is written and directed by Tony Gilmore, who wrote and directed Michael Clayton. This film actually shows promise. More promise than Owens' other film The International with Naomi Watts.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra — Since Transformers went from 80s cartoon to live action megahit film. Somebody thought they would try it with G.I.Joe. Dennis Quaid leads the cast. I always like Quaid, but it seems like anytime he's attached to a potential blockbuster (Great Balls Of Fire, Wyatt Earp, The Day After Tomorrow) it doesn't work. This film is from the director of The Mummy and Van Helsing. You've been warned.

Angels and Demons — The Sequel to The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor. The Da Vinci Code was a thriller with no thrills. Let's see if this one has some. By the way, could you go see (Angels and Demons director) Ron Howard's current film that's in theaters, Frost/Nixon? Please? Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are excellent.

Year One — Jack Black and Michael Cera team up as two guys who live in…Year One. Expect a lot of prat falls and things thrown at their head and crotch. Directed by Harold Ramis.

Fast & Furious — Man, how far Vin Diesel has fallen. (Did anyone saw Babylon A.D.?) Man, how far Paul Walker has…OK, he didn't fall too far at all. Are you excited about a Diesel/Walker reunion? Remember, you have to live your life a quarter mile at a time.

Land of the Lost — Well, it's not a sports film with Will Ferrell. I didn't care for the Saturday morning show as a kid. Expect Farrell running and screaming a lot. Since it's a kids film, he'll keep on his clothes.

Star Trek — I'm not a Trekkie (as much as I love both Trekkies documentaries), so my basement door won't fly open when this opens. It's interesting that as time goes on, obviously the technology with each Star Trek series/film gets better. If director J.J. Abrams would only reintroduce the giant foam boulders.

Up — The other film that shows promise. The next Disney/Pixar film about a grumpy old man (voiced by Ed Asner) who house floats through the air via an assload of balloons. D/P's weakest effort (but still enjoyable) was Cars. This film is following the great Wall-E. Hopefully it will be a blip down at worst.

Monsters vs. Aliens — Another animated feature about…well, you see the title. Looks like it will have loads of action. My concern is a line used in the ad about the president raising the terror level to brown because he just…Yes, you guessed it. We'll see at what will be level the comedy.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen — My only complaint about the first Transformers film was that I couldn't see the two giant robots fight each other (pulls up his black socks) thanks to the excessive editing and close ups. So long as this film gets Megan Fox back on the cover of Maxim. Lions fan and a pig. I know.

Just once I would love to see a studio throw a few million dollars into advertising for a small foreign film and/or a documentary. If only to hear the silence at millions of Super Bowl parties across the globe.

Matthew Socey is host of 'The Blues House Party' and 'Film Socyology' on WFYI 90.1 FM


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