Rupert: Episode 12 of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains"

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Rupert: Episode 6 of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains"


As we approach the end of this season, things are sped up on the island. Host Jeff Probst tells the players to prepare for two immunity challenges, two tribal councils — and that two people will be leaving the island.

Rupert tries to rally the Hero troops, but he knows that the Villains have better numbers. Alone to the camera he admits that the Hero tribe is “a sinking ship.” You can almost smell Rupert’s sense of dread. You can also almost smell Rupert himself after a long, grueling month on a tropical island.

Rupert highlight: Rupert says to Russell, “You’re a disgusting and terrible human being.” Russell responds, “Hey, Rupert, I’m a Villain.”

The first challenge is another Dick Cheney-inspired stress position. Rupert and Parvati last longer than anyone else, and it looked like Rupert was going to triumph when, out of nowhere, he came down. Probst asked him what happened, and a dejected Rupert muttered, “Slipped… so I go home tonight.”

Rupert highlight: In an act of desperation — and sheer genius — Rupert pretends to find an immunity idol, putting a rock in his pocket. Russell is totally fooled by this ploy. Sucker!

At both tribal councils, Rupert comes within one vote of being ousted. Even Sandra writes down his name at the second council. The women, led by Parvati, are out for our boy’s blood. Jeff Probst puts it in perspective for the endangered Heroes: “Colby and Rupert live to see another day.”

Note from Cheese Manor: Folks, there are only two more episodes of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains to come. Next Thursday (5/13), then the two-hour finale on Sunday (5/16). The Sunday show includes a live broadcast from NYC featuring all twenty Survivors, with Rupert as either a jury member or a finalist.

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