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Featuring five different haunts, Indy Scream Park — located on the outskirts of Anderson — isn’t lacking in the quantity department. And after a summer of renovations and redesign, it’s not lacking in the quality department either. I’ll give you a brief review of each haunt starting with the one that I enjoyed the least.

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Would you look at that? Backwoods is once again my least favorite haunt. Very little has changed from previous years as this haunt continues to be a less than scary walk through the woods. This haunt relies heavily on the group leader holding the glow stick high enough for the actors to see it. If this doesn’t happen, forget about being scared here and prepare yourself for the rest of the evening.

[Editors note: Shut up. This isn’t Twitter, or your gossip circle, or your group text message. Do not ruin the haunt for the rest of your group because you think you’re funny and want to narrate the entire experience. Just shut up and enjoy the haunt like everyone else. End rant.]

New this year, Blackpool Prison offers visitors the option of “marking” themselves. Unique to this haunt, “marking” allows actors the ability to grab you, hold you back, force you into hidden jail cells and remove you from your group. On the surface this sounds like it would add intensity to the haunt, but in reality it did the complete opposite. Because a majority of visitors wanted to be interacted with, many stayed in the haunt for as long as possible causing the haunt to be overcrowded. Although this haunt offers an experience hard to find elsewhere, it was ultimately less scary than I had imagined.

Little has changed within Brickmore Asylum, yet it impressed me once again. The actors for this haunt fill their roles perfectly, taking an already above-average haunt to the next level. And with this haunt being the furthest from the entrance, lines were significantly shorter than all others, an added bonus to an already strong haunt.

New this year, Zombieland Apocalypse is an upgrade to last year’s Infected haunt. I’m going to keep hush hush on this one as the element of surprise plays a larger role here than other haunts. I will tell you this: be ready to run.

Also new this year, Rage 3D takes the cake as the best haunt. A spin-off of last year’s Bedlam haunt, the Scream Park crew has taken this one to a whole new level. With stellar upgrades in design — all in 3D — and a strong emphasis in actor engagement I found myself on the edge of an imaginary seat the entire time. Let your guard down for even a second and I guarantee you you’ll be screaming louder than someone who just stubbed their toe.

I HIGHLY recommend buying your tickets online as prices at the gate will make your bank account squirm. And if you’re willing to drop a few extra dollars, the VIP is definitely worth it as lines tend to be eerily similar to King’s Island on a busy day — which happens when you’ve got the quality to back it up. Though I will say they’ve added a clause that VIP only gets you one run through of each haunt before it’s invalid — you can still redo haunts but you’ll have to wait in line.

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