The Children's Museum of Indianapolis; through Jan. 2, 2012

Frogs, the Children's Museum newest special exhibit, is touted as "the most advanced traveling frog exhibit in the country." While the majority of us aren't in a position to challenge this superlative claim, the exhibit is nevertheless an excellent way to introduce all ages and interest levels to the amphibian world.

A sturdy balance is struck between play and education, allowing a

family to get plenty of information without feeling bogged down by heady


Fifteen species of frogs are set up in cunning habitats that

resemble their native environments, complete with waterfalls, rocks and


Accompanying visuals include an Atari game set-up (remember Frogger?), a pond

backdrop photo-op, interactive stations, frog dress-up and a virtual


The hall is spacious, giving little ones plenty of room to

hop about without antagonizing every adult in the room. Shades of blues and

greens on the walls create a watery atmosphere.

While a multitude of kids banging on buttons day after day can be hard on machinery, it's still disappointing when coming across a broken station or a frozen video presentation. These details keep the exhibit - created by by Clyde Peeling's Reptiland in Allenwood, Penn., a specialized AZA accredited zoo - just shy of a perfect score. Be sure to pick up a Family Guide at the door and check out the Swamp Studio for activities and talks on specific frog topics.


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