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[Editors Note: Halloween is over and many of you are already looking forward to Christmas (shame on you, Thanksgiving is amazing), but I was busy fighting off hordes of zombies so enjoy this late haunted house review]

First things first, Edge of Insanity is located on the outskirts of Kokomo. I mention this because it's worth making the hour-ish drive up US 31.

Here's where you question why I would recommend driving up to Kokomo for a haunted house when there are plenty to go around in Indianapolis.

Here's why.

This is the first haunted house I've been to where I truly felt I was in a real "haunted house." If I had stumbled upon this house without prior notice of its purpose, I would've been creeped out by its sheer existence.

Taking place throughout multiple barns in the backyard of a small house, it's the definition of a DIY attraction. All actors are volunteers, there for the thrill of scaring the socks off visitors — and scare they do.

The haunt begins with a guided tour through the asylum. This tactic distracts visitors just enough to add emphasis to the pop-up scares while not taking too much away from the surrounding environment.

Visitors then head outside where the guide leaves you to walk the path to the next barn alone. Lit well enough to see where you're going, but not well enough to see actors, the path will keep you on your toes.

Upon arrival at the second barn, visitors are greeted by a slew of creepy goons. And this is where I proved the saying "white men can't jump" wrong. To not ruin it, I'll leave it at that.

If I had one piece of advice for the organizers it would be to include an "after the fact" scare by putting someone behind or inside the food truck located at the entrance/exit of the scare.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for a spooky DIY experience, Edge of Insanity should be atop your list of haunted houses.


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