Reuben family gift to local nonprofits

Front and center: Larry Reuben; behind him, front row (L-R): Rabbi Paula Winnig, Terrie Morris Downs, Ann Delaney, Betty Cochrum, Lori Moss, Ellen Annala, Jim Luce; back row: Brian Payne, Tim Joyce, Lloyd Wright, Scott Bess, Karl Smith, Jeff Veidlinger, Gil Holmes. Photo by Doug Jaggers (WFYI)

The legacy of the late Sara I. Reuben will be felt by more than just her immediate kinsmen. In fact, the estate of Sara I. Reuben is becoming integrated into the very foundation of Indianapolis’ not-for-profit community.

At a press conference held Friday at WFYI, Larry Reuben, Sara’s son, announced that $8 million dollars from his parents’ estate would be donated to 13 nonprofit organizations in Indianapolis. Larry was aided in the financial allotment decisions by his siblings, Elaine and David, and the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).

Press conference attendants consisted of Reuben family members, leaders and associates of Indianapolis nonprofit organizations and members of the press.

Larry Reuben spoke on behalf of his late mother, saying, “I’m just the guy writing the check—the generosity is my parents’.”

The Reuben’s charity and compassion for the less-fortunate stems from their own experiences. According to Larry, his parents barely had two dimes to rub together. Friends, work associates and family of the Reubens all seemed to voice the same opinion: they lived the American dream. Larry even referred to them as “bootstraps kind of people.”

Larry said that his mother was very clear about where she wanted her estate finances to go. “I tried to talk her out of it because that was part of my inheritance that I lost,” Larry joked.

On a more serious note, Larry said, “This whole process and experience has been an incredible game-changer for both myself and not-for-profit organizations in the community.”

According to Larry, the aim was to benefit organizations that would cover a lot of bases and were in need of money. “We tackled the issue of finding the right organizations at the right time with the right amount of money.”

Those amounts of money are as follows:

- The Albert G. and Sara I. Reuben College and Career Counseling Centers at the Excel Centers of Goodwill: $500,000

- Construction of The Albert G. and Sara I. Reuben Engagement Center in partnership with Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP): $750,000

- Humane Society of Indianapolis — To establish a second location in Fountain Square and facility upgrades: $500,000

- American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana for an educational initiative: $500,000

- The Immigrant Welcome Center: $1,000,000

- Albert G. and Sara I. Reuben ElderSource Program — To provide a menu of services designed to support “aging in place” options and populations: $600,000

- Planned Parenthood of Indiana — To support educational initiatives: $500,000

- The Julian Center — For construction of The Sara I. and Albert G. Reuben Counseling Center: $750,000

- CICF for Grameen Bank of Indiana — To help establish this micro-finance institution in Indianapolis: $1,000,000

- The Bureau of Jewish Education — To support technology needs for Hebrew language classes and Jewish education, including remote learning and Holocaust educational material provided to area teachers: $50,000

- United Way — To establish the Sara I. and Albert G. Reuben Endowment Fund for Early Childhood Development: $500,000

- Congregation Beth-El Zedeck — To support adolescent programming: $250,000

- The Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University: $250,000

- WFYI — To amplify the voice of the community in the areas of health, education, the arts and public affairs: $750,000