15 Picks for Spooky Music Lovers


Don't miss these Halloween parties and corresponding costume ideas. Click through events for expanded event info.


Dead Comics Party

This party celebrates dearly departed and hilarious – it’s your favorite Midwest comics (unannounced as of yet, but we bet we’ll love them) “reanimating” the sets of dead legends. DJ Dangler will host. Easy costume idea: Dead audience member.

Heavy Metal Halloween Bash The Facebook invite for this show promises snacks. That’s enough to get us about anywhere, really. But add on Onslaught, Artillery, VX36 and Killzone, and we’re definitely there. Easy costume idea: Someone who sneaks in and steals all the snacks.


Halloween Zombie Bash This day-before-Halloween bash features locals The Aquaholics and The Kataonics – two Bloomington groups doing interesting things with surf music. DJ Ol’ Dirty Bryce kicks it off. We hate his name, but we love zombies. Tell us how to feel. Easy costume idea: A beach bum

Revenge of the Nerds

From time to time, Blu’s weekly dance night takes on a theme – and of course one of those times is Halloween. We’re not exactly sure where the nerds come into play here (although they are offering a $500 VIP gift card for the best group costume, so perhaps you and your buds can come dressed as a group of nerds?), but we’re way into the DJs on deck: Slater Hogan, Ryne Middleton, Andile Ndlovu The Bizness and Exploratio.

Easy costume idea: Your nerdy middle school self, but now with a drivers license and the ability to drink booze.

HALLOWEEN! aka Friday

Pirad Halloween

If you’re not a big Weezer fan (or you’re under 21), you’d do well to head to one of the other shows featuring local bands covering big acts. At this Hoosier Dome Bash, Brother O’ Brother will cover Nirvana, Horror Business will take on The Misfits, The Rohring Bobmen will feature as Fear No Atomics and Bionic Monks will jump on the lineup as, well, themselves.

Easy costume idea: one of the many dearly departed (not dead, just kicked out of the band) former members of The Misfits.

Halloween Show

This outdoor fest hosted by the Free House (but at a different location) features Peter and The Kings, Chives, Vacation Club and DMA. This show starts promptly at 8 p.m.; DMA’s set will take place across the street at another location right around 11 p.m. We know they say, like with hippies, to never go with an electronic musician to a second location, but we promise this time you’ll be safe. Easy costume idea: Person who behaves respectfully at other persons’ homes that they open for house shows.

15th Annual Costume Party Organizers Old Soul Entertainment promise this party will sell out, so grab your tickets now. They’ll provide a $100 prize for the best costume in the celebrity look-a-like contest. Metrognome will rule the stacks at this event. Easy costume idea: Kim Kardashian, but as a baby.

Sir Deja Doog’s Love Coffin LP Release Party

All of these other parties have to change stuff up to be Halloween-centric this weekend. Sir Deja Doog is Halloween all year round. Like we said of his record Love Coffin in June, “[It has a total] mastery of that tricky line between the dead serious and the ironic. On the album’s several skits, Doog and vocalist Abby Hart lay out the concept behind the album. Broadly, it follows Doog’s escape from a hellish pit in order to come to earth to satisfy his carnal desires. These skits are funny but never too winking, unsettling, but not out-and-out threatening.” Apache Dropout, The Underhills and The Cowboys will set up to celebrate the vinyl release of this excellent local record on Marching Sunn Records. A free LP will be presented to the attendee in the best costume. Easy costume idea: One of Sir Deja Doog’s adoring fans – that’s just us everyday, anyway.

Black Magic Queer Dance Party

Luther Blissett, DJ Promethea, DJ Free Box, DJ Bitchcraft and DJ Lil Gundy provide the soundtrack to this all-ages party at Rachael’s – which also features treats and tarot readings. Easy costume idea: A witch, but like a really, really good one.

Halloween Bash XVII with Zanna Doo

Zanna Doo reliably puts on some of the best “big night” concerts; Halloween, New Year’s Eve – really, any day, they’re just the best. Easy costume idea: alternate universe Johnny Depp – just add more scarves. Actually, take some away.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones The only thing spooky about this show is how eerily good singer Paul Janeway’s voice is. The seven-piece Birmingham group has hit their stride in 2014. Easy costume idea: Bunch of grapes – just buy all the purple balloons you can find and pin ‘em to your shirt.

Who’s Who Halloween Party

Continuing the covers theme of this section – this Halloween party encourages attendees to dress as their favorite celebs and characters to compete for cash and prizes. DJs Cash and Day Day will man the music. Easy costume idea: Alternative universe Rush Limbaugh, repentant for being absolutely heinous.

Twin Cats 10th Annual Halloween Party

Breakdown Kings open for this annual Halloween Bash, where funk masters The Twin Cats are marking 10 years of booty-busting jams at the ‘Trap. Easy costume idea: Really sweaty dancing person.


Chills and Frills

Crème de les Femmes will sex up your All Hallow’s Eve hangover with a night of “sequins and screams.” Werewolf with a Shotgun and Best of Indy winner Bizarre Noir will provide the soundtrack. Easy costume idea: Really, really sexy dead person.

Punk Rock Night Halloween Tribute Show

This edition of Punk Rock Night features local bands as Rancid, Guns N’ Roses, Faith No More, Samhain and The Jam. Easy costume idea: Fireball (dress all in red and buy the Mel’s cheap Fireball shots all night.)


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