Yesterday I had fun skewering Lev Grossman's article, "Facebook is for Old Fogies" and celebrating the fifth birthday of the world's largest social network.

However, quickly the hot topic became Facebook's update to the TOS (terms of service). They felt the fury of the blogosphere as they claimed perpetual rights to any and all content uploaded to the site as well as the right to sub-license information at their discretion. That could be you- or at least your profile pic- appearing in a commercial for Apple, Blackberry, or any other third party that chooses to feature Facebook in advertising.

Facebook has set itself apart among social networks as users have "trusted" the service with more and more sensitive information than any of its predecessors. The consensus seems to be that at least some of that trust has been eroded.

The topic has been pretty well dissected. So I thought I would offer the most visible detractor:

The Consumerist

And the response from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Blog

What do you think- Do you trust Facebook to own the rights to your info forever? Does this change the way you think about the service? Will you change the way you use it?


Update 2/18/09

This morning, under duress, Facebook reversed Terms of Service reinstalling their original, limited language. For the time being, Facebook users my remove content without fear that Facebook may repurpose it in the future. However, the Terms of Service are still being reviewed by ownership and their legal team. Modifications will still be made. This time around, though, Zuckerberg is inviting users to "participate" in the process by posting questions and suggestions to a designated area. See Mark Zuckerberg's newest statement here:


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