Short on time today, so I thought I'd offer a quick list of blogs to which I subscribe. Each is related to marketing and media, in their own way. And each is much, much better than mine. In fact, all of them are listed among the 50 Best Business Blogs, according to Advertising Age.


From their own description: "AdRants, published by AdRants Publishing LLC, provides marketing and advertising news with attitude in the form of a website and daily email newsletter. Written by current and former industry practitioners, it provides insightful, informed, experiential, no holds barred commentary on the state of the advertising and media industries." Multiple, qualified writers means interesting prospectives and a wealth of information. And they're not afraid to curse.


Tons of content and multimedia, timely reviews, and a defined voice.

Web Ink Now

By David Meerman Scott. A bit more refined than the other two as Scott is an accomplished author. From his site: "Online thought leadership & viral marketing strategies using blogs, news releases, ebooks, & online media." A former executive at Knight Ridder. He's fairly transparent, offering up his Wikipedia entry on his homepage.

Damn! I Wish I'd Though of That!

Andy Sernovitz offers great takes applicable to small business and professional marketers alike. Usually simple and often brilliant, it's a fun read.

Seth's Blog

Seth Godin is the grand daddy of them all. Ranked #1 business blog by Ad Age, about 300,000 people visit Seth's page every month. A skilled communicator, excellent writer, brilliant marketer and as prolific as anyone on the web. This is my EVERY day-no matter what- read.


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