This just in from Carmel...

New Art Group In Carmel

The Art And Design- District Carmel, Indiana

There Is a new group forming in the Art and Design District. The goal

is to promote the arts and the artist of Carmel. If you make or create you

can join. We have artist that are extremely talented covering a wide range

of art in Carmel. We will consider anyone that makes or creates eligible

for membership. If you style hair you are an artist. Build kites we want

you. If you enjoy photography join. Do you play a musical instrument your

an artist. The new group will help artist connect with artist to share ideas and

contacts. We will help to promote and market as well as mentor young

artist. There will be a cyber site for members where ddiscussionsand ideas

can develop. There can even be a Brand created for products and are made in

Carmel there are many ideas on the table and we want your input. This is a

new group and we need you to become a member.

For more information please contact :

Mark Grosser 317-513-6678


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