Meet the Artists at IMCPL

Anthony Radford

The 23rd annual Meet the Artists exhibit, a display of works

created by locally prominent African-American artists, is on display at the

Central Library now through March 26.

Curated by Anthony Radford, the exhibit is in honor of Black History

month and includes works from a variety of artistic mediums including

sculpture, woodcut prints and jewelry.

"The inspiration first came from an exhibit I saw 23 years ago by

Jim Halliday," Radford explained. "At that time i was just getting my feet wet

[in the arts world] and when I saw his work it really inspired me and impressed


Radford took this inspiration and transformed it into what is now

an annual mecca for African American artists who were looking for a place to

show their art.

It's a novel opportunity for the community since there are not

any African American galleries or museums in Indianapolis, Radford noted.

This year's exhibit showcases works from artists such as Deloris

Drane, Angela Fisher, Onye Ndika, Eric Shelton, Gevoris McCray and Radford


Other pieces on display are contributions from Indianapolis

youth, including the "Creative Mask" and a student writing display titled "In

Their Own Words." All of these pieces can be enjoyed free of charge during the

Central Library's regular hours of service.

On Saturday, Feb. 19, Indianapolis has the opportunity to mingle

with the artists and enjoy a taste of the cultural entertainment the city has

to offer at the Meet the Artists Gala Reception, which starts at 5:45 and last

until 10 p.m.

In celebration of the event the Griot Drum Ensemble; Fighting

Words Poetry; illusionist and magician Walter King, Jr. and the Nu Soul Theory

Band will be performing.

Other highlights on the event include the chance to meet and

greet with authors Paula Kuria, Aminah Iman, Al Smith and Alicia Fleming, who

will be signing and selling their works. Portrait artist Glenn L. Walker and

jazz CD vendor Robert E. Thurman will be in attendance as well.

The reception gala is an important part of the Meet the Artist

exhibit. Radford has worked hard to ensure that Indianapolis is aware of the

work the artists have created and hopes that the publicity will help spread the

word about the talented artists that call Indiana home.

"Its important for people to come out and support the arts,"

Radford said. "We have raw talent across the board in this city and it needs to

be recognized."