Lewis Black joins Vonnegut Memorial Library

Comedian Lewis Black

Comedian Lewis Black has been named to the Honorary Board of Directors for the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library.

The Vonnegut Library's mission is to highlight the literary, artistic, and cultural contributions of writer, artist and Indianapolis native Kurt Vonnegut. The Honorary Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who exemplify the qualities and characteristics of Vonnegut, according to the library.

"Welcoming Lewis Black to our Honorary Board is one of the highlights of our fledgling organization," said Vonnegut Library Executive Director Julia Whitehead.

"He is one of the good guys. Like Vonnegut, he helps people make it through the absurdities and difficulties we deal with every day. His participation has helped to invigorate our entire organization."

A lifelong learner and advocate for the arts, Black studied playwriting and drama at the University of North Carolina and Yale Drama School.

Black says that Vonnegut's writings helped shape his worldview.

"Looking at the world through his eyes, he helped shape the way I look at it," Black said. "One of the few reasons I am vaguely sane is that he made me realize that I wasn't crazy."

"His words, as sad as they might be sometimes, gave me comfort. And he makes me laugh, really laugh. He was a gift to the planet."

Black plans on contributing to the Vonnegut Library with a fundraising performance and various visits.

The library, which houses an museum, art gallery, and reading room, serves as a cultural and educational resources on both a local and national level, supporting partnerships with arts organizations and local schools.


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