Joe takes on Gen Con: Day Two


God, am I tired.

When you measure the actual distance, it wouldn’t seem like walking around the Convention Center and it’s immediate vicinity would be that long. But when you stretch the same walk over the course of an eleven hour day, the miles start to stack up.

The anime itself was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. At first it seemed like your run of the mill action series starring a pretty protagonists with a themed name.

Then the narration kicked in over the opening sequence, mocking the whole premise, and the characters. It was a really good laugh, and it actually made me want to go seek out the rest of the series.

Afterwards, I trekked into the Convention Center, and attended a fascinating little presentation about the realism of how injury and death are portrayed in fiction.

Basically, most movies portray death as instant, whether in be through a bullet or an arrow to the chest, in order to cut down on screen time. Most of the soldiers at Helms Deep probably died slow, agonizing deaths, but the film made it seem instantaneous.

It was a surprisingly funny presentation for one about grizzly horrifying death. But it was also really informative. I’m not sure if I’ll be using all of it in any of my own fiction writing, as it would take several pages of description that would derail the plot fairly quickly, but it’s still good stuff to know.

All he did was bring up images, not even in a slide show or compiled in a view able format, and talk unscripted about each.

I walked out after less than ten minutes. The guy seemed nice, but this wasn’t worth sitting through.

Most of my day after the initial two hours or so were spent bouncing back and forth between the Hotel and the Convention Center.

A stroll through the main hall netted me a Steven Universe t-shirt, something rare anywhere outside the Cartoon Network web store, and a desire for a set of Eeveelution plushies that nearly drained me of all my money.

The anime figures are absolutely gorgeous, with paint jobs so well done it's almost unreal, but I can't drop nearly two hundred dollars just to have Sora and Roxas standing androgynously on my desk.

I attended a panel on J-pop, a genre of music that I’m only familiar with due to games and anime, though I couldn’t name more than one or two artists. It was very interesting, even if most of it was just listening to different songs as opposed to discussing them with the speaker.

My itunes will probably be filling with Japanese music soon, I’ll probably have to look up what the lyrics mean, though they’re probably a bit too vague and esoteric for my tastes.

The same speaker, fantasy author and model Taversia, gave a seminar on Attack On Titan, analyzing it as a critique of humanities flaws. Despite some hearing issues, the double doors were open and hallway chattered leaked in, it was a rather compelling conversation.

The funniest part was watching the small group up front, dressed fully as characters from the show, who had since read the manga, meaning that they knew most of the answers to all the questions the rest of us were only theorizing about.

Those snarky grins were infectious.

My final event of the day was also the most fun, Obscure but still awesome Anime, whose speaker was by far the funniest of the day. It’s amazing how one line jokes about statics shots of decades old cartoons can be so damn funny.

It was good note to end on. Tomorrow, I’m tackling the D&D tables. May all the various fantasy gods have mercy on my soul.