Indy Scream Park terrifies in Anderson


Although pricey ($32 general admission, $49 VIP on Fri, Sat), Indy Scream Park easily satisfies your scare needs, has highly detailed designs and offers a plethora of different attractions, six to be exact.

The Monster Midway features food, hot drinks and beer tents as well as fire pits, gift shop, several different games and a backdrop to take photos. There’s plenty to keep your heart pumping before or after the haunts.

The five haunts, each based around a specific theme, are broken down into two groups: Backwoods and Infected outside and Nachtmahr, Bedlam and Brickmore Asylum inside. The outside haunts had much longer lines than the inside ones, mostly due to the length of the haunt. But the key to a good all-around experience is to take advantage of less-populated times, early evening or an hour before close, in order to cut down on line times and to ensure you get to see everything the park has to offer, which is a lot.

Now lets go a little more in-depth about each haunt:

Based in, you guessed it, a wooded area, Backwoods was the first haunt I did once arriving at the park, and it didn’t leave a good first impression. Groups of 6-16 people travel along a wooded ½ mile trail, stopping in abandoned houses and meandering through an irregularly placed and pointless sheet maze. The Tate Brothers, who guard the land, are less than scary and the haunt is drawn out by long gaps between buildings and scares.

Nachtmahr is the third and final inside haunt and the least scary of the bunch. Mirrored after a nightmare - Nachtmahr is German for nightmare – a good portion of the scares are predictable and the design doesn’t come close to its neighbors, yet it still offers a scene that would make you wake up with cold sweats. The actors worked their asses off to make this haunt as scary as possible and be on the lookout for some last minute surprises.

Bedlam is defined as "a scene or state of wild chaos and confusion..." Bedlam 3D encompasses that definition perfectly. Featuring trippy, bright colored scenes, 3D effects and well-timed scares, Bedlam is a must see. The bridge will blow your mind, that is if you haven't already lost it. The most unique of the haunts, it will leave you wanting to jump back in line immediately.

Infected is the other outside haunt and its scare level highly depends on where you stand in the group while walking through it. If you’re in the front, you’re in for a treat. With a school bus, haunted house and other HOT surprises, this was the perfect haunt to experience during a cold fall evening. But if you’re towards the back of the group, this haunt is soured and turns into a dull walk through a corn maze.

Brickmore Asylum is the first inside haunt and earns the honor as the best attraction at the park. Based around a 100-year old mental health hospital, you will leave with an irregularly fast heartbeat and a hop in your step. Brickmore’s designs are life-like and the actors really stood out as the best group, with unmatched intensity and drive to get the scare. At times I felt like a patient, an eerie observation.

Find the time to do Infected and Brickmore Asylum twice, you won't regret it.


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