IDADA fundraiser makes local art accessible

This ceramic piece by N. Danette Alles is part of the First in Line event for IDADA.

You can’t really beat $100 for a work of locally-created art.

The Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA) is hosting their annual First in Line Exhibition and Sale for this month’s First Friday. Held at the newly renovated Indy Indie Artist Colony, patrons can browse from 6 to 10 p.m. and purchase works from their favorite local artists.

Expect all kinds of art to be available this Friday: photography, sculptures, paintings, 2-D and 3-D projects galore.

I got a chance to talk to Scott Grow, one of the two IDADA Artist Representatives, about the event and what exactly is taking place.

For all you loyal IDADA kids out there, Grow said you can pretty much expect the same fabulous First in Line event you’ve been attending for past years, just with a new location — the Indy Indie Artist Colony — and an opportunity to win a prize drawing if you buy a piece of art.

Opened in December, the Indy Indie Artist Colony is already the largest artist community in the city, with a gallery on the ground level, with the rest of the floors containing live-and-work areas for artists. Grow mentioned that even a few musicians live there as well.

For all those new to the party (or have never been to the event), you’re in for a memorable time. Local artists bring in their pieces, pledging either to donate 50% or 100% of the purchase to IDADA. Customers run around and choose their favorite, make their purchase — and a digital Polaroid picture of you and your new work is hung in its place.

Just don’t expect anyone to know what kind of work will be available Friday. Not even IDADA.

“Artists are typically last minute people,” Grow told me. “Usually we’ll still have people rolling in with works while we’re hanging the pieces that day.”

It’s a clever way to raise money, engage lots of people and draw more interest to our Indy artists. After all, think about all the people who could spend $100 on a work of art. Maybe even yourself.

First Friday is always a must for the first weekend of every month, but IDADA just made March’s better than ever.