First Friday at Rogue Elefant

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On the west side of downtown Indianapolis (just past the river and slightly north of Washington Street), a giant deserted school building lies eerily dormant. The yard is overgrown with tall grass and the large brick structure diverts all attention from the dilapidated homes that surround it. But the inside is hospitable, due in large part to The Rogue Elefant- a small arts space on the second floor maintained and operated by Heath Yenna.

  • Splittin Hairs by Adam Wollenberg

This Friday, that space will be occupied by the thesis work of Herron printmaking student Adam Wollenberg. Dual Perspective, his ten-piece series of silk-screened prints, challenges the viewer to consider her/his connection to common, everyday objects.

“Dual Perspective is [the culmination of] my thoughts and observations based off of a Midwestern exposure and upbringing,” Wollenberg tells me as we stare at the outline of a mailbox filled in with a hazy portrait of a couple showy females. "It’s about the viewer’s perception versus my perspective. When you see an object, it holds more value than just what you physically see.”

  • Dual Perspective by Adam Wollenberg

Viewing multiple pieces from a distance, one quickly recognizes outlines of a pocketknife, a hatchet, soda cans, and a shotgun presented in various, warm shades of yellow, brown, orange, and forest green. The works conjure a rugged, but safe, sense of wilderness. Stepping closer, the pocketknife lies inside a bed of flannel, the hatchet is filled with glimpses of nature, the soda cans are populated with fireworks, and the shotgun rests against a wall of bricks. But then again, that’s just my perception.

The images find dimension through Wollenberg’s unique three step process: CMYK silk screening to create the entire image, photographic lithography to build a layer of gloss in the patterned foreground and the embossed object outline to add depth.

If you’re going to be downtown for the May installment of IDADA’s First Friday Art Tour, hop in your car and find The Rogue Elefant on the other side of the river. Seeing the building and studio space in person is worth the drive alone, but you may as well check out some quality art while you’re there.

Rogue Elefant

Old P.S. 30

38 Miley Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46222

8 p.m

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