Artists, chanters, drummers prep for Indy 11


Editor's Note: On the afternoon of Feb. 5, we received the following important communiqué from our brothers and sisters rallying on behalf of the Indy Eleven, which on April 12 Downtown will step to the field for its first match in the North American Soccer League.

We are currently in the final stages of setting up our teams for tifo, capos and our drumline. However, we are looking for volunteers for these projects.

Here's a little additional information about each project. Please contact us both at and if you'd like to play a role in any one of them.


Tifo are organized fan displays usually executed before matches. These will generally be large, hand-painted banners. However, there's more that goes into this than just painting, we need people to sew, help set up two hours before the match in the supporters section, and members to ensure the display appears properly and is quickly taken down after signals are given. We'll also need people to wrap it up and place it in our storage area at the stadium.


We are looking for a few more capos for our capo teams. A capo is the person in charge of leading the chants during the match for the supporters section and will be responsible for coordinating with the horn/drum lines during the match to change over chants.

Starting mid-February I'm going to try to organize a weekly/bi-weekly meeting with capos, drum line and hopefully hornline. Basically it'll be like a band practice. We'll go over the chants, hand signals and discuss ideas for making sure everything gets pulled off effectively. These will probably only exist through the start of the season and maybe one or two during the break to make sure we stay sharp.

Being a capo is a serious responsibility and requires a time commitment. If you'd believe you'll be at most matches and would like to be a capo, please contact us. If you'd like to give it a shot, but will not always be available, let us know as well.


As part of our gameday experience in the supporters section, we will be assembling a small drumline to keep tempo and keep everyone on the same page. While the drumline will not consist of more than six different drums, we still would like to know who is interested in playing drums during matches. Right now most spots are taken, but we always need extras in case people can't make it or others need rest.

We will be finalizing a lot of those involved with these groups by the end of next week. Please contact us at and if you are interested in helping in one of these areas.

Peter Evans

BYB Minister of Gameday Ops

Slaughterhouse-Nineteen Triumvir

Joshua Mason

BYB Board Member, Secretary



Derek Richey


Brickyard Battalion