AnC Films' sex ed doc nearly complete

From 'Science, Sex and the Ladies.'

Our old friends at AnC Films, producers of such short films as Embolism, Moustache, Him Her Roland - and the most absolutely bonkers Christmas cards you will ever see - are seeking some help from the moviegoing public to take their most ambitious project across the finish line.

They boast an impressive resume of shorts and mid-length projects, but the documentary Science, Sex and the Ladies is the first full-length project from Barnaby Aaron, Trisha Borowicz and Charlie Borowicz.

Science, Sex and the Ladies take a look at the nature of female sexuality, using a combination of greenscreen, retro narrators and a decidedly irreverent but heavily researched approach to a serious subject.

“We have a very incorrect understanding of female sexual response in our culture, but scientifically, it’s pretty well understood,” Trisha says.

“When you learn these things, you look at a lot of our ideas about women differently,” Aaron says.

The film is largely complete, but they still lack a soundtrack, which requires musicians, technical support, and money to pay for all of it.

“Nobody’s going to see a project like this unless it looks and sounds great,” Trisha says. “We think we have the look, and you can help us with the sound.”

So they’re seeking a $20,000 fund via Kickstarter to cover those expenses. Contributors only see their money transferred if the campaign is fully funded, so to see anything at all, the AnC gang needs to hit their goal by December 17. Contributors get a variety of benefits, depending on their level of contribution; see the website for more details.

Here's the (rough) trailer:


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