A quick peek into the Stutz Artists Open House

Stutz artists, 2009

Attending the 2010 Stutz Artists Open House was a little bit like being in a beehive.

That also contained a carnival.

In the middle of a labyrinth. (No signs of David Bowie, though.)

I attended the open house on Friday, April 23, the first night of the two-day event, and I think I'm still hyped up from the energy contained in the building — that of the artists as well as the people who came to see their work.

The staff and, one assumes, volunteers who helped put on the event were efficient. My friend and I were whisked through a line of eager attendees with a smile and a welcome. I felt like we were at Disneyland when we stepped onto a freight elevator with a small crowd to travel to the fourth floor of the large building. I should've taken the opportunity to run up to the roof and steal the flag that said ARTISTS, a bright-yellow invitation to the show, but I only just thought of it. I'll, uh, be right back.

I nearly walked over to the folks who were offering face painting, but was distracted by musicians throughout the hallways who kept things lively as we moved from studio to studio. I especially liked the work of painters Taylor Anne Smith and Phillip Lynam, whose work you can view at www.abstractmodern.com and www.philliplynam.com, respectively.

For the past view days, I've found myself gravitating towards art that includes a circular theme — Susan Hodgin's spheres, Taylor Anne Smith's wineglass-inspired creations, and the oblong ovals in Phillip Lynam's paintings. The Stutz was smart to have open a first-floor gallery with samples of several artists' work; the show was so grand (in a wonderful but exhausting way) that I plan to attend both days in 2011. It's just a terrible shame that there's so much damn talent in this city.

Learn more about the Stutz's artists at www.stutzartists.com.

  • Stutz artists, 2009

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