Egor S. Grand.

Local entrepreneur JJ Jayburg has an idea that she thinks will take the nation by storm. The problem is, she's already taken heat for it. "It's just vindictive," Jayburg, a Carmel native, said yesterday in an interview.

"The Sweetest Day people ... well, you'd think they'd be, whatever, sweeter than that."

Jayburg is reacting to a recent campaign by supporters of the Sweetest Day, which is observed on the third Saturday in October, complaining about Jayburg's proposed holiday of Greeting Card Day.

"Think of it," Jayburg crooned, referring to her epiphany to create a new holiday. "It's an inclusive day for EVERYBODY. Greeting Card Day isn't just for mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters, it isn't just for birthdays or denominational holidays, it's a day to simply sit back and relax and know that everyone is celebrating Greeting Card Day."

Jayburg's Greeting Card Day idea won tremendous support since its inception last winter. The late September date proposed by Jayburg did not conflict with any existing holidays. Then, the Sweetest Day Foundation came calling.

"It was just strange," Jayburg recalled. "I mean, they were all nice about it, but it was menacing nevertheless. 'We don't think you ought to be adding another holiday to an already packed calendar,' they said to me, and I replied, 'Well MYOB, buster.'"

Subsequent communications from the Sweetest Day Foundation have grown more threatening, leading Jayburg to hire a bodyguard.

"I call him Brute, but really his name is Bruce," Jayburg said, smiling.

Despite the controversy, Jayburg hopes to bring her Greeting Card Day holiday into being this coming September.

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