by Rocky the Diabolical Catâ„¢

As part of the regimen of physical rehabilitation designed to repair my bruised and battered body, my personal physician ordered me to take daily walks; these were meant to strengthen the muscles in my legs, which had atrophied while I was manacled on the floating gulag. His office loaned me a miniature cat-cane to use on my walks.

One of my jaunts took me downtown. After wandering around for an hour or so, I ate lunch served by a luscious blonde at Rock Bottom.

I then went around the corner to Monument Circle, where I ran into Theodore.

"Hello, Theodore," I said.

"Hello, Rocky," he spat. "I'm surprised you aren't over at the Gen Con gaming convention."

"My man, I am of the opinion that if people spent less time gaming and more time reading, this country wouldn't be in its current sorry state," I replied.

"Now what would a leftist cat-radical like you read, I wonder?" he mused, closing his eyes and rubbing his chin in mock-intellectual fashion. "The Great Thoughts of Michael Moore? Chomsky's Whinings? Arundhati Roy's Rantings?"

"Actually, Theodore, I've been making my way through a book about people committed to reading forbidden literature in a land run by fascisto-fundamentalists," I responded.

"Oh yes, that book by that Iranian, Reading Lolita in Tehran," he said.

"No, Reading Darwin in Topeka," I replied, and bid him adieu.

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