The Rambler I was lounging on the display case at The Abbey when Evangelina strolled in and took a seat.

I quickly hopped down and scurried over to her. “Oh! Mi amor!” I exclaimed. “I’m so happy to see you! May I sit with you?”

“I’m expecting someone. My friend Theodore is meeting me here in a few minutes,” she said.

“Ah, that sissy-ass,” I said ruefully. I then jumped on the table and ran my paw along her cheek. “Give me one of those sweet kisses, baby!” I exclaimed.

“I REALLY don’t think so, Rocky. Theodore may be a ‘sissy-ass’ as you call him, but at least he is committed to me. I mean, truly: Even your friend J. Williams, the eternal bachelor, is settling down. I saw him at the jewelry store the other day looking for a wedding ring for his girlfriend SP. He’s in love!”

“He’s not in love, he’s in luv,” I replied testily.

“Whatever. At any rate, until you make a commitment to me, you can find someone else to give you those ‘sweet kisses’ you’re always wanting!” she said.

“Baby, you just don’t understand me. I’m a rambler!” I cried.

“What?” she asked. “You’re an old station wagon? A Rambler? My, you have lost your mind, Rocky!” she laughed.

“Not a Rambler, a rambler,” I said peevishly. “You know, I’m a ramblin’ kind of cat. A cat who needs his freedom. A midnight rambler.”

"I'm happy for you, Rocky," she said. "Now if you'll ramble on away from here, I see Theodore coming through the door."


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