Rocky's Diary by Rocky the Diabolical Cat™

5/26/04: Me.

5/27/04: Me.

5/28/04: Me.

5/30/04: Magnanimously declined request to utter those famous words, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” at the Indianapolis 500.

5/31/04: Ate hot dogs.

6/2/04: Flew to Rome to receive the Golden Claw Award from the Italian Anarcho-Philosophical Cat Society for my book Night Thoughts. Saw my editor Bartolomeo Pistola, who is still suffering from his gastrointestinal affliction.

6/4/04: My essay “In Praise of the Junk Drawer” published in German quarterly.

6/5/04: Ran into Garfield at the grocery store. He was pushing a cart so loaded down with frozen lasagna dinners that it would hardly roll. I continue to think he has an eating disorder.

6/6/04: Sprayed on Evangelina’s new boyfriend Theodore.

6/7/04: In his enthusiasm to bestow the public’s property upon members of his own class, in the latest instance the wealthy Simon family, Mayor Bart Peterson reminds one of nothing if not a child playing with someone else’s toys.

6/8/04: Accepted invitation from the Quebec Circle of Geniuses to lecture on"The Juntafication of the American Mind" in October.


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