Egor S. Grand

The dinosaur sculpture that is depicted as breaking out of the Children's Museum at the corner of 29th and Illinois streets came to life yesterday and ran amok throughout the neighborhood, ravaging local houses and buildings. No deaths or injuries have been reported thus far, though a number of area children were reported to have soiled their pants.

Since its completion, the dinosaur sculpture has been ogled by children and adults alike, who applaud the work for its verisimilitude. That verisimilitude, however, turned destructive yesterday.

"It was so cool," said neighborhood resident Darrell Deckard, 6.

According to various reports, the dinosaur shook and shuddered about 9:34 a.m. then burst from the side of the building. It then ambled northward on Illinois, leveling the former Winona Hospital, before ravaging the entire block to the west. The dinosaur stopped at Crown Hill Cemetery, feasting upon some of the oldest trees in the city, before progressing to Meridian Street. There, it disrupted traffic, sent road workers fleeing and, finally, disappeared between Meridian and Pennsylvania streets.

Department of Tai Chi workers have refused to return to their work on 38th Street, decrying safety concerns.

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