IVCI Romantic/Post Romantic Finals - day one


And here they are, the IVCI's six finalists, listed without

comment, rationalizing, or otherwise carping, in the order they will be playing:

Tessa Lark, 25, U.S.

Jinjoo Cho, 26, S. Korea

Ji Yoon Lee, 22, S. Korea

Ji Young Lim, 19, S. Korea

Yoo Jin Jang, 23, S. Korea

Dami Kim, 25, S. Korea

It appears

that S. Korea dominated the proceedings this year,

with an "obligatory" U.S. player thrown in for good measure.  As I write this, it

is 11:15 p.m. Monday.    I

will reserve tomorrow for commenting, rationalizing, and possibly carping on

the choices the jury made. 

There won't be much of the latter.  Sept.

20; Indiana History Center