IVCI Romantic/Post Romantic Finals - day one


And here they are, the IVCI's 16 semi-finalists, listed without

comment, rationalizing, or otherwise carping, in the order they will be


Nancy Zhou, 21, U.S.

Yu-Chien Tseng, 20, Taiwan

Ayana Tsuji, 16, Japan

Tessa Lark, 25, U.S.

Jinjoo Cho, 26, S. Korea

Stephen Waarts, 18,


Stephen Kim, 18, U.S.

Ji Yoon Lee, 22, S. Korea

Ji Young

Lim, 19, S. Korea

Kristi Gjezi, 24, France

Yoo Jin Jang, 23, S. Korea


Kim, 24, S. Korea

Suyeon Kang, 25,


Ji-Won Song, 21, S. Korea

Dami Kim, 25, S. Korea


Lim, 19, U.S./S. Korea

I've already

shared my thoughts about those playing in the preliminaries' first three days.  If my picks didn't

appear to match completely those of the jurors, this certainly wouldn't be the

first time.  But

I was happy to see Tessa Lark get picked as she played in the first day's round

more beautifully than the remaining 15.

Three others selected who merited high on my

own list include Kristi Gjezi, Bomsori Kim, and Ji-Won Song.  It would please me

to see these three plus Lark and two others make the finals.  But first they have to demonstrate

their prowess in the semi-finals.  Sometimes an ersatz juror can change

his mind. Sept. 10; Indiana History Center


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