Moontown Brewing Company’s newest Pints for Parks series is “Brown County India Brown Ale.” The recent post informs us: “Our continued journey through the Pints for Parks series has us traveling south to Nashville, arriving at our 7th park, Brown County. We created a delightful beer for the time of year, and extremely fitting for our parks series. An India Brown Ale, described by Dogfish Head as the prototypical dark IPA and an original hybrid. Our IBA truly is the thoughtful melding of wonderful aspects from different beer types to create a one-of-a-kind sensory drinking experience. Close your eyes and take a good inhale from your fresh pour; it smells like a juicy IPA. Take a sip and experience a citrusy tropical ride into a luxurious brown ale. This big brown ale is brewed with a big base of our local Sugar Creek Malt Company’s Ye Olde, chocolate rye, and a couple of other specialty malts, and a unique addition of Belgian Candi brown sugar lending dark fruit and molasses characteristics. We balanced it with classic west coast hops Nugget and Chinook, then dry hopped heftily with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade. It is complex from the first smell and sip; allow this to warm and open up into an even more intricate brown ale. Journey on. Thank you for supporting the parks!

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