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And here is the new website!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the member newsletter.

I've got great news for you. We hit our goal of transitioning to the new website today. Please go to and check out in live form all that we have been discussing since March.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Ian McPhee, our web manager, for his yeoman work to bring this about in such a short amount of time.   First, Ian had to learn how to design and build on this new platform and then he had to learn how to modify many of their tools so that they would function how we wanted. Thank you, Ian - job well done. We hope you share our pride in your work and that you will feel free to take some much-needed rest.

This is just the beginning. There is a long list of things we wanted to do for the launch but decided to add them in a future iteration. Soon you will see more themes populated with stories and with the option to follow the themes.  We will have more conversations in the conversation section and a way to feature the best comments happening on the site. Most importantly we will be offering the option of "pay what you can" so that those less fortunate can still participate in the storytelling process.

It is critical that we get to this format so that we can do show-and-tell properly. Our next broad steps are to find writers with diverse backgrounds and worldviews who are interested in practicing journalism on a platform that is optimized for trust.  If you know of anyone you would like to recommend please send them this link. Once we have that process in motion we will pivot towards encouraging more membership and support so that we can continue to expand our writers.

Speaking of finding new writers I'm sorry to report that we lost one of ours. Rob Burgess, our news editor, has taken a new position. While it is a big loss for NUVO we could not be happier for Rob. Rob's shoes will be hard to fill but we will be looking for someone to pick up where he left off with social justice issues, politics and government.  

More good news is that we had a busy weekend and have a plethora of photos to share with you below about events happening all around Indianapolis.

And you may have heard that the electronic sculpture on Mass Ave "Ann Dancing" was turned off on May 30 and that the hefty price tag for its restoration is causing some in the artist community to say that money could be better spent on local artists. Please post your thoughts about it here.  Dan is talking to people on both sides of the issue and will release a feature in his newsletter later this week.

Please kick the tires on the new site and send your questions or comments directly to me. And please share the good news!

Thanks for your continued support,

Kevin McKinney

Editor & Publisher

Founder of NUVO, a new voice for Indy, and first executive director of the non-profit, My purpose is to increase civic participation through informed storytelling and the search for common ground through dialogue.