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Oregon-bred trio Joseph electrified The Vogue's stage this past Sunday. The three sisters enchanted the crowd with their intimate lyrics & faultless harmonies to create an angelic atmosphere that left you wanting more.

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It’s the End of the Road Tour from one of the most visually iconic bands of all time. KISS starring, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer rock and rolled all last night at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum with David Lee Roth opening. This two year long farewell tour fea…

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We open with a report from the cheery folks at the Tax Foundation who discovered, in the depths of data from the Bureau of the Census, federal aid was 38 percent of Indiana’s total state general revenue in FY 2017 (the most recent year of data available).  The national figure was a mere 23 percent. Indiana ranks tenth highest among the 50 states in reliance on federal funding.

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What would you like me to write about in February and March?
- Dan Grossman

As we enter the year’s warmer months, what outdoor concerts and music-related events are you most looking forward to?
- Seth Johnson

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