Yuganaut and esw 

Four and a half stars 

Mythopeic Creative Music and Film Series; Indianapolis Arts Center; June 3

We all talk about how we want Indianapolis to be a major destination for the arts. It certainly was Sunday night. Mythopeic, a creative music promotional company, brought in two eclectic bands to the IAC, and both were stellar. esw was the opening band, mixing a pretty normal band lineup with lots of looping and electronics to create a warped, avant-garde, edgy and digital sound that proved quite addictive. After a brief intermission, Yuganaut took to the stage for their “graphic score.” These three musicians played their own score to the 1925 silent film The Lost World, after the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. From start to finish, it was original, well-oiled, well-thought-out and composed. It did nothing but enhance this great silent film. I was amazed to see these three musicians play more than one instrument each, and play them all to great effect. From the intro theme, a wonderful kick back to music of the ’20s, to the more harrowing music during a T-rex fight, it was a complete audio-visual event that I wish more people had gotten to experience.

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