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I just wanted to thank NUVO for featuring the excellent and informative artwork of Wayne "Gadfly/Barfly" Bertsch. Last week he featured Piradical Productions, with which I am associated, in his Barfly comic strip (Music, May 30-June 6). He called us "heroes of the scene" — but Mr. Bertsch himself certainly deserves the same status. I can't think of anyone who has found a more creative way to get the word out on talented local bands. His work encourages the musicians he profiles — what musician doesn't want to be immortalized in comic form? But more than that it supports the Indy music scene by providing a very valuable service: free and awesome publicity to local artists. Good for the bands, good for the fans. Thank you, Barfly and NUVO! You are heroes to me.  

Margie Zumbrun
Piradical Productions


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