Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week of Sept. 20 

The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week beginning Monday Sept. 20, 2010, to test your knowledge of current environmental news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What is recent, disturbing news out of Siberia?

a. it's too large to be fenced in.
b. Permafrost temp has risen 3 degrees.
c. The gulags have no indoor plumbing.
d. Caribou are no longer mating.
e. There are no McDonald's restaurants there.

2. What is the EPA doing to anger business, GOP and some Democrats?

a. Proposing to crack down on greed.
b. Proposing to crack down on "American way of life."
c. Proposing to crack down on proposals.
d. Proposing to crack down on cracking down.
e. Proposing to crack down on smog.

3. What is being proposed for university students in Australia?

a. They can no longer have sex.
b. They are required to drink their weight in beer, each month.
c. They have to join the "war on climate change."
d. They have to take "environmental literacy" subjects, regardless of their major.
e. They can no longer fart.

4. How are the ApocaDocs, with your help, creating an action for's 10/10/10 initiative?

a. Walking 10 miles every day.
b. 350 jokes — want to help?
c. Having 10 babies, fast!
d. Closing down 10 coal fired plants.
e. Spending 10 minutes wringing our hands.

5. What is generally shared by a number of Senate Republican hopefuls?

a. They are fucking idiots.
b. They reject climate science.
c. All of these answers are pretty much true.
d. They believe man-made global warming is a "mantra of the left."
e. They believe global warming is because of sunspots.

6. What is this year's extreme heat doing to coral?

a. Burnin' it
b. Makin' it glow
c. Bleachin' it
d. Maceratin' it
e. Bummin' it out

7. What do a growing number of independent studies have to say about the premise of the "hockey stick" graph?

a. It is too late to argue about this, anyway.
b. Only climate alarmists believe in it.
c. The hockey stick premise is accurate representation of what's happening.
d. Hockey is not a popular enough sport to use.
e. We are all pucked.

8. What do Australian scientists fear about this year's grasshopper population?

a. They will bioaccumulate neonicotinoids, causing addiction in songbirds.
b. They will convince the ant population to frolic and play all summer long.
c. They will "go rogue."
d. It will be the worst plague of locusts since records began 75 years ago.
e. The "sproinginess" of their legs will have been damaged by illegal pesticides.



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