XANADU: A Solo Exhibition by Robert Boyd 

Four stars

Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

Robert Boyd presents swift, potent video collages of genocides, terrorist attacks, political and religious uprisings, masses of armies, followers and leaders — all choreographed to a dance club beat. Not warm and fuzzy nor subtle, but disturbing and thought-provoking, Boyd’s work brings up larger issues of power, empowerment and tolerance. Some imagery is so horrifying it is hard to watch. But Boyd, who “grew up on the MTV aesthetic,” structured his installation to upbeat (albeit ironic) music in a style accessible to audiences. Spinning disco balls — glamorous and hideous, yet seductive metaphors for our world — shower sparkling light outside and inside the newly re-opened iMOCA. iMOCA’s renovation added a wall to block the light of a gallery window, creating a darkened space for Boyd’s videos to dance. Boyd’s dose of sensationalism helps us view world history’s horrific realities of human atrocities against humans. But will we take notice and, more importantly, take action against what Boyd calls our “self-destructive mentality”? Once you get the songs and images in your head it is hard to forget them. Isn’t this the point? Through Sept. 1; 317-634-6622, www.IndyMoca.org.

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