Wug Laku's Studio & Garage 

Four stars

Circle City Industrial Complex May 4

At the grand opening of Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage, I expected to find a funky space cluttered with found objects reminiscent of Sanford & Son (& Wug). What I found were handcrafted objects for the home that incorporate simple, elegant, ecological elements with — if this is possible — an Amish-Asian flare. Laku’s upbringing as the son of a carpenter and a resident in Northern Indiana’s Amish country seems to have merged with an Eastern aesthetic. Japanese-style lamp boxes utilize handmade paper in shades made with black foam core supported by dried, hand-cut reeds. Laku makes a point to gather invasive reeds and native stalks like goldenrod from land near Bloomington. Stems are combined with plywood components in Laku’s furniture, stained with his distinct, homemade wash made with oil bars, a drawing material used in his organized, abstract 2-D works. Then there are wood boxes with plateau-like lids — contemplative mini landscapes. Digital prints of tree branches show the repetition and symmetry of mandalas. Laku has found his balance and a fresh art space in the newly revamped Brookside Building just north of 10th and Massachusetts Avenue. wuglaku@netzero.net, 317-270-8258.

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