Wicked "Boogie Nights" 

Editors note: The next Wicked Wednesday will be Sept. 6 at the Vault. Cover is $5.

The 1970s! Golden age of debauchery, golden age of goth and everyone at the August edition of Wicked Wednesday at the Vault was doing a great job of capturing the era — possibly because they invaded Mom and Dad’s closet. The goth folk were, of course, perfectly in style, as gothic style hasn’t radically changed since 1977. (Oh, I’m so gettin’ e-mail over THAT one.) “Boogie Nights” was the theme this time around, and everyone was kickin’ it from the era of tight clothes, loose collars and looser morals, reenacted without all the unprotected sex and the like.

And just to fill out the 1970s flair, we even had the world’s most lovable porn-star-turned-reality-TV-icon, Ron Jeremy, holding forth in the corner with his burly security guys and signing autographs. Boogie Nights was playing on the big-screen TVs; there was something utterly surreal about watching Ron Jeremy sign hooters with a sharpie while Markie Mark sang “The Touch” from Transformers: The Movie overhead.

The infamous Wicked Wednesday slave auction (benefiting the Indiana Youth Group) was more raucous than ever; by the time of the amateur schoolgirl striptease, even Ron Jeremy was standing on a chair to get a better look. “This is one hell of a thing all right,” he mused.

The crowd was packed as hell, with the NUVO street team in abundance — even a certain competing corporate weekly sent their party correspondent out. Alas, my hopes for a Jets-versus-Sharks or The Warriors-style throwdown were for naught; pity, because I’m pretty sure we could have taken the guy.

Every so often Ron vanished into the back room, sometimes with female company. No idea what he did, though there was plenty of speculation. For all we know he was sipping coffee and munching on bagels. Getting action in the back room? The entire mystique of Ron Jeremy isn’t that he is, but that we all believe he might be.

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