Why should we limit immigration? 

Why should we limit immigration? (Hoppe, "Immigration Blues," April 19-26) "The present level of im

Why should we limit immigration?

(Hoppe, “Immigration Blues,” April 19-26) “The present level of immigration is significantly higher than the average historical level of immigration. Since 1970, more than 30 million legal and illegal immigrants have settled in the U.S., representing more than one-third of all people ever to come to America’s shores. Shrink the illegal population through consistent, across-the-board enforcement of the immigration law.” This is a burgeoning threat to the welfare of the Unites States.

After Sept. 11, the very security of the nation is threatened by this porous and blatant disregard for the laws. The very fact that these illegal immigrants demand and get schooling, health care and indigent welfare is a major slap in the face of all those who studied and prayed for their own legal naturalization. How dangerous is illegal immigration? Phoenix has experience huge upswings in violent crime in their city, which has the highest illegal immigration population in the nation for any city. Drug-based illegal immigrant gangs from Mexico have resulted in 289 drug-related deaths in this city alone. Very few of “guest workers” are professionals, and make below-poverty incomes, but they also have perks: First of all, they pay zero national taxes if they are hired “off the books,” which is usually the case. If they are given amnesty, over 5 million illegal immigrants, over seven times the population of Indianapolis, will be granted across the board access to further give-aways, and get a pat on the back for doing it.

It is NOT xenophobic to point out 1) that ALL illegal immigrants are breaking the law, 2) that not all of them work. It is estimated that only 50 percent of them contribute to the workforce, but you never see that statistic repeated since it’s not politically correct, 3) that the burgeoning financial burden to the United States, now and in the future, runs in the tens of billions of dollars.

How would President Vincente Fox feel if over 3 million Americans invaded his country each year, most of them the financial dregs of the U.S.? I doubt they would be granted flowers for coming over. No other nation in the world would tolerate such an abuse of such a critical security concern. People need to put their own non-U.S. feelings aside and realize that their own selfish needs are being pushed upon the Americans to resolve. Illegal immigrants HAVE NO RIGHTS. Remember that the next time you see a protest demanding this and that from the United States.

Jeff Feezle


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