Who are you serving? 

This note comes from me in between scratching my head as I read over your reviews of this year’s IndyFringe shows (Cover, “IndyFringe 2007,” Aug. 29-Sept. 5). After spending most of my time on Mass. Ave. talking to other audience members during the festival, what is so curious is that the “word of mouth” buzz on the shows to see was in many cases quite opposite of this paper’s opinion. Only in one or two can’t-miss cases did this paper’s opinions sync up with those of the Fringe audience.

A smirk-inducing bias can be recognized in your reviews as I notice the extra star or two tacked onto the shows that can tickle the NUVO staff’s “trying too hard to seem like a world-conscious citizen” fancies. I implore you NUVO, recognize your audience. Who are you serving? And why? Are you serving your readers by making yourselves feel better about yourselves socially and emotionally? Please NUVO — throughout your work, but especially in cases like the Fringe — your readers would appreciate articles displaying a concern for what is entertaining TO THEM, rather than what most soothingly massages the writer’s ego.

Kevin Crane

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