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Waltz for Venus
Bubba’s Bowling Club
Friday, Jan. 28

Waltz for Venus, a band which has been getting some positive attention lately, performed an excellent set Friday at Bubba’s Bowling Club. Having heard of the group in the past couple of months through the grapevine and after checking out some of their music on MySpace, they seemed like a band interesting enough to look into.

WFV will be releasing their first full-length album in mid-February, and Friday evening was their first time performing most of those tracks live. Despite this, the group had very little trouble in the execution of the music. Musically, the six tracks performed, including the standout song, “Movie Star,” were fairly clean, strong and slick. Vocally, the harmonies were a little rough, but nothing that more live playing of the brand-spanking-new album won’t fix.

Waltz for Venus has a sound that’s hard to peg. Part emo, part modern rock, part new wave, they run the gamut of taste and preference. NUVO chatted with guitarist Aaron O’Maley and vocalist Jay Brooks for a moment to discuss the new album … including what they think of their sound.

Writing for the new album started in 2000, and the group worked on perfecting the songs over the past five years. O’Maley said, “I’m very proud of the songs ‘Tonight’ and ‘Dear Hope.’ My fiancee sang on both those songs, and I think that she was able to add a lot to them. I love the three-part harmony on ‘Tonight.’ It’s an Eagles nod. We weren’t sure if we would put ‘Dear Hope’ on the album, but lyrically it’s got to be my favorite. It’s a defeated and bitter emotional song.”

Brooks said, “I’m proud of ‘Tonight,’ because there’s a lot of production ideas that came together well. ‘Beautiful Chaos’ is important to me personally because it’s about my wife. In ‘For My Failures,’ I like the mood and the life it took on.”

The band will be playing in Lafayette on Feb. 5. is always updated with the band’s newest show info.

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